Chestnut Hill United Methodist Church
Monday, May 17, 2021
Where Everyone Is A Minister
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From Pastor Liz

Why I am a Minister
     I have been a United Methodist all my life. After a long struggle I have accepted the fact that I have been called to, and have the gifts and skills for ordained ministry. I have dedicated myself to serving God and His children. I want to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. I bring an enthusiasm to the role of pastor that I hope is contagious. I want to communicate to others the story of God’s love and grace and what He has done in my life. I believe that I have the gifts of compassion and empathy. I am genuinely concerned about those around me. I try to show them that I do care and bring comfort to them. Having experienced God in own life, and seeing how many lonely, hurting people there are in the world, I want to share with them the hope, reconciliation, and redemption that is ours through Christ Jesus and to work for the building up of Christ’s Church.
      The primary function of an ordained minister, in my opinion, is to be a pastor to the congregation, visiting and sharing their life events. I also proclaim the message. This is done both through preaching and administering the Sacraments. Teaching is another important role of the pastor, which can take many forms; from teaching a Bible study or Sunday school class to the manner in which you live your life.
     As a pastor I must also be an effective administrator. A pastor must oversee the work of the church with regard to its members, the community and the world. All people must be allowed to experience the love and grace of God, and it is a part of my calling to make it so. All must feel like they are truly a part of the family of God. This responsibility cannot be shirked in today’s society where we seem to be drifting apart rather than coming together. I am excited and honored by the opportunity to pastor at Chestnut Hill.
                                                         ~Blessings, Grace, and Peace, Liz